Arabian Horse Pictures – White and Black Arabian Horses

The reason why we love Arabian horses is that they look so elegant, so light, so free. Watching them is a pleasure. Here are some pictures of white and black Arabian horses. Enjoy!

black arabian horse

Gorgeous black Arabian stallion rearing during the exercise. Rearing in horses is usually linked to either excitement or disobedience.

And here is one more:

a rider on Arabian horse in the desert

Arab rider in traditional blue clothes riding a dark Arabian horse in the Sahara desert. Arab people have a long tradition of horsemanship.

beatiiful white Arabian horse

Photo by Ammar Al Fouzan

This beautiful white Arabian mare looks nothing less than a queen.

black Arabian horse

Photo by contributors of

Black Arabian prince horse during his morning exercise.

Arab children with Arabian horses

Photo by

Arab children with beautiful white Arabians in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a praised matter to teach your child to ride a horse. Invention of cars didn’t change this.

arab woman riding a horse

Photo by Youssef Al Najjar

A woman dressed as an Arab princess parades on white Arab stallion during 9th Sharjah International Arabian Horse festival in 2008, Sharjah UAE.