Moroccan Bedroom Decor – Part 2

This is part 2 of Moroccan Bedroom Décor series. In this part we will continue to explore the beauty of Moroccan bedroom design and perhaps give you some ideas on how you can add an oriental touch to your own bedroom.

modern moroccan bedroom
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This is an example of modern Moroccan bedroom. Traditional design and modern trends are present here in a unique blend of old and new. The key items here are a Moroccan carpet with colorful geometrical patterns, embroidered pillows, and curtains with ethnic ornaments. These few items add this bedroom a Moroccan touch without having to refuse from all conveniences of modern western furniture.

blue moroccan bedroom
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Despite being so tiny this bedroom is beautiful and functional. The back wall is painted in traditional Moroccan blue color while the rest of the room is painted in white. The combination of blue and white is very typical for Moroccan interior as well as for many other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. Note the chandelier suspended from the ceiling – this is a signature of Moroccan interior design.

One more example of a luxurious Moroccan bedroom:

luxurious moroccan bedroom
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This luxurious bedroom demonstrates all features of traditional Moroccan bedroom décor: warm reds and oranges, rich textures, low seating, table and floor lamps, chandelier, candles, plenty of pillows, and a thick carpet. The look is completed by architectural niches built in right in the bedroom.

simple moroccan bedroom
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And here is rather simple yet beautiful Moroccan bedroom. Striped blankets, traditional pillows, brass decoration, and Moroccan art works make this modest bedroom especially tasteful without going overboard.

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