Moroccan Lamps

moroccan outdoor lampThere is something about Moroccan lamps that adds a subtle air of mystery and dim lighting to a room. You could almost go as far as to say that these colorful lamps add a romantic air to the room with their rustic natures and translucent lighting effects. As a reading lamp, a lamp to add a dim light to any room or just a lamp to help you to rewind at the end of a hard day’s work, one thing is for sure – Moroccan lamps are on the increase!
There is only one way to describe this lamp – stunning! Simple in design yet effective in nature, a lamp as rustic as this would add the perfect touches to any room. The neutral colors contained within this hanging style of Moroccan lighting means that it can be used in practically any room, regardless of décor.

And here is some more:

moroccan hanging lamps

As lamps go, these are beautiful in nature. Intricate in design and with just the right amount of detail to create the exotic atmosphere, you will find that lights just like these can be used in a number of ways. In the bedroom with plush velvets and deep purples, this style of lamp would add a real luxurious feel, and you could even consider having this outside on a patio area to create a lovely friendly glow for a gathering of guests and a BBQ.

golden color moroccan lamp

This style of Moroccan lighting is somewhat more modern in its appeal and looks almost space age in nature. Despite this, the intricate design yet simple outlook has made it perfect for the kind of lights you would want above a longer style dining room table, turned on especially for when you have friends over to enjoy a cup of coffee in a cozy atmosphere.

Now what about floor lamps?

moroccan floor lamps

These Moroccan floor lamps are exactly what you could be looking for if you have just created a wonderful garden retreat. Imagine these dimly lighting up your outdoor area while you relax in a big, plush chair, gazing at the stars and relaxing after a long day. Simple in design but with just the right amount of light for an evening hue, you could definitely imagine you were in an exotic faraway place with these!