Things to do in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen (also known as Chaouen) is a fascinating city in the north of Morocco. It is a great place for trekking and exploring the high peaks of Rif Mountains. The atmosphere in the city is cool and relaxing. Despite its relatively small size there are plenty of things to do.

Chefchaouen: Inside Kasbah
Inside Kasbah.
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Outa Hammam is a square at the very heart of Chefchaouen’s madina (or old town). It is a wonderful place to admire old Moroccan architecture. The buildings here date back to 15th century. One of notable buildings here is Kasbah (or fortress) of Chefchaouen. It is interesting that while this fortress was built for purely defensive purposes over a period of some hundred years, its architecture doesn’t fail to impress.

Chefchaouen Outa Hammam Square
Outa Hammam Square in Chefchaouen.
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Musee Ethnographique is another must-see of Chefchaouen. Its collection is focused on everyday tools of Berbers, like Berber costumes and household items. The museum itself played a role in region’s history as it was used as a jail in 1920s.

Quartier Al Andalous or Andalusia Quarter is a pretty district full of beautiful whitewashed houses with blue doors. This was home to refugees from Andalusia after 15th century Reconquista. You can notice Spanish architectural style in small details and garden fountains. It is an absolutely charming place to wander around or have a cup of coffee in a pretty little outdoor café.

Chefchaouen Medina
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Chefchaouen is well known for its crafts. The medina of Chefchaouen (old town) is full of tiny workshops where you can buy wonderful Moroccan souvenirs, such as colorful fabrics, traditional Moroccan wool rugs, leather goods, Moroccan lamps, lovely ornate boxes, or even furniture items from cedar wood.

Talassemtane National Park to the east of Chefchaouen is home to diverse range of wildlife. The park was created by the government in attempt to protect Moroccan flora and fauna from extinction. Here you can see the endangered Barbary macaque and the only remaining forest of Moroccan fir trees. You can visit Talassemtane National Park’s website byclicking here (information is available only in French, Spanish, or Arabic).

Chefchaouen is also a popular starting point for hikes into the mountains. There are many exciting trails around Chefchaouen offering beautiful views of the city and the surrounding hills.